The Best 8 Month Old Schedule With 2 Perfect Examples To Try

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Wondering how to create the perfect 8 month old schedule without to-do lists, alarms or mind-numbing micromanaging?

This simple 8 month old schedule works brilliantly for every family and will provide you with an amazing base to create your perfect baby routine.

It’s adaptable and will ensure your little one’s needs are met without worrying about missing time, losing yourself in the process or managing your whole day down to the last minute.

There is nothing to be lost by implementing an 8 month old schedule… but there’s everything to be gained!

Why should an 8 month old have a schedule?

Without a doubt, I’m a huge advocate of schedules and having one for your lively 8 month old is no exception!

Children and parents of all ages benefit from a basic schedule. 

Schedules provide a framework on which you can build your day and they ensure your little one gets enough age-appropriate sleep, time to play and time to explore.

An 8 month old schedule also makes your baby feel safe and secure as it helps YOU to feel more in control of your daily life too.

So what are the fundamentals of creating an ideal 8 month old schedule?

8 Month Old Schedule Fundamentals

Well, establishing schedules can be a daunting task… but once you have the basic building blocks in place, they are very easy to adjust and stick to. 

The foundation of any schedule (for any age) should be based around getting enough age-appropriate sleep and then building up activities around regular meal times.

It’s as simple as that.

So, to get started with creating an 8 month old schedule… How much sleep does an 8 month old need per day?

How much should an 8 month old sleep per day?

Typically your 8 month old will need between 12-16 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period with 9 to 12 hours taken at night and the remaining 3-4 hours broken up between 2 or 3 day time naps.

Some children may go through a sleep regression at this age, so be sure to read my post about the 8 Month Sleep Regression to learn how to create schedules and maintain healthy sleep associations if you think your little one may be going through it!

How long will an 8 month old sleep at a time?

The majority of 8 month old babies will be sleeping through the night and managing to sleep around 9-12 hours in one stretch. 

Although nighttime waking at this age is not unusual, they should not require feeding if they wake up at night.

Daytime naps will last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

So, now you know what to expect for age-appropriate sleep, what mealtime expectations should you know about when creating an 8 month old schedule?

How much should an 8 month old eat?

8 month old babies still require milk feeds and should be having 5 feeds of 24-32 ounces of formula or breast milk per day.

By now they should also be eating a variety of foods offered over 3 regular mealtimes that are at the same time every day.

At this age, it is also worth trying to introduce a sippy cup with formula, expressed breast milk or water at mealtimes but don’t worry if your baby is not keen at first. 

Just keep trying on a regular basis and eventually, they will get the hang of it!

TOP TIP: Young babies under the age of 12 months do not need snacks between meals. If your baby is hungry it is better to offer a little extra milk instead.

How long can an 8 month old baby go between feedings?

Breast milk or formula is still hugely important for your 8 month old and most of their calorie intake will still be from those all-important milk feeds.

They will usually take a milk feed every 3-4 hours during the day but should be able to go all night without being fed. 

Although many 8 month olds will still quite happily take a feed at night, they are now old enough for you to consider night weaning if you have not already done so.

So, know you know what sleep and mealtime expectations to be aware of… What does an ideal 8 month old schedule look like?

The perfect Sample 8 month old schedule

While all babies are different and each schedule will vary slightly, there are some basic guidelines you can follow from which you can build your baby’s daily routine.

Remember the basics of enough age appropriate sleep and regular feeds are the foundations on which you will build your ideal schedule culminating in a regular and healthy bedtime routine.

Here are a couple of samples of a typical 8 month routine to get you started. 

REMEMBER: Don’t be afraid to tweak your routine a little as all babies are unique and what works for one family may not always work for another. 

8 Month Old Schedule with 2 naps

6.30am – 7am Wake up and breast or bottle feed7am – 7.30amBreakfast – First solids of the day (you can use formula or breast milk to mix with cereal)9am – 9.30amNap for 1 and a half hours10.30am – 11amMilk feed and playtimeMidday Lunch consisting of solids and a milk feed1pmNap for about 2 hours3pm – 3.30pmMilk feed and outing or playtime4.30pm – 5pmDinner with solids6.30pm – 7pmStart bedtime routine 7pm – 7.30pmMilk feed and bed

8 Month Old Schedule with 3 naps

6.30am – 7am Wake up and breast or bottle feed
7am – 7.30amBreakfast – First solids of the day (you can use formula or breast milk to mix with cereal)
9am – 9.30amNap for 1 and a half hours
10.30am – 11amMilk feed and playtime
Midday Lunch consisting of solids and a milk feed
1pmNap for about 2 hours
3pm – 3.30pmMilk feed and outing or playtime
4.30pmShort 30-minute nap
5pm – 5.30pmDinner with solids
6.30pm – 7pmStart bedtime routine 
7pm – 7.30pmMilk feed and bed

Remember, these routines are just basic ones for you to build your own unique routine around. 

Do not feel that you need to follow them to the letter!

The order in which things happen are far more important than the actual times that they happen… 

After all, the most important thing is that you adapt the schedule to meet your baby’s needs. 

Getting enough sleep and establishing a CONSISTENT routine in which you can both flourish is the goal!

I hope you have found this post about creating an 8 month old schedule helpful… And I hope you will find it useful to remove some stress from your day!

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, Happy Parenting!

Paula McLaren

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