17 Month Old Sleep Schedule: The Complete Guide

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Healthy sleep patterns start with a schedule. Here’s how to get your baby onto a regular 17 month old sleep schedule with top tricks to make creating and maintaining it as easy as possible.

How Much Should A 17 Month Old Sleep?

Sample 17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

By 17 months old, your little one will be sleeping through the night and having between 1 and 2 naps a day (depending on how busy their day has been).

Here is a sample 17 month old sleep schedule to give you a guideline for how your little one’s day can flow regardless of whether they take 1 or 2 naps:

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule Sample

REMEMBER: This 17 month old sleep schedule is only a guideline and will differ from child to child. The most important thing to focus on is how much sleep your little one requires in 24 hours and work from there.

Nap Schedule For 17 Month Old

You may find that by 17 months old, your child is struggling to settle for their morning nap, but will happily take a longer afternoon nap.

This is known as the 17 month old nap transition.

Not every child will go through this yet and many 17 month old children will still require 2 naps the majority of the time…

However, here are two handy quick references for a 17 month old nap schedule to help you visualise your child’s daytime sleep habits regardless of whether they have 1 or 2 daytime naps:

1 Nap Schedule For 17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

1 Nap Schedule For 17 Month Old

2 Nap Schedule For 17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

2 Nap Schedule For 17 Month Old

How Many Naps For A 17 Month Old?

Most 17 month olds will still be taking 2 naps a day but some will have dropped their morning nap and will only have one longer afternoon nap.

TOP TIP: If your little one is continually resisting nap time try lengthening the wake window between naps before considering dropping a nap. Also, remember that during a nap transition your toddler may need to nap twice on some days but only once on others depending on how well they have slept at night and how busy their day has been.

How Long Should A 17 Month Old Nap?

A 17 month old sleep schedule will still require around 2 hours of nap time during the day.

I would not recommend letting your child sleep for longer than 2 hours in the afternoon as this may affect your child’s ability to fall asleep at bedtime.

Is 17 Months Too Early For One Nap?

No, 17 months is not too early for one nap.

However, you may find that on busy days your baby still requires 2 naps to help them recover their energy.

TOP TIP: During a nap transition, swap baby’s morning nap with quiet time. This will give your child the opportunity to rest and recover (maybe even nap) if they need.

Bedtime For 17 Month Old

As always, a regular and healthy bedtime routine is essential to your baby’s good night’s sleep as they are proven to improve sleep and reduce nighttime wakings. And for a 17 month old sleep schedule, your baby’s bedtime routine will consist of:

The entire bedtime routine should start between 6pm and 6.30pm and ideally, take no longer than 30 minutes.

REMEMBER: The bedtime routine should follow the same steps and be repeated at the same time every evening to ensure your 17 month old can recognise the signs that bedtime is coming to help them settle and fall asleep more easily. You can use a bedtime routine chart to help your little one know what’s coming up.

What Time Should A 17 Month Old Go To Bed?

For a 17 month old sleep schedule, your little one should be in bed with the lights out by 7pm.

If you want to adjust your schedule to make bedtime a little later you must change your daily nap times accordingly.

But no matter what… your child should not be in bed any later than 8pm to ensure your toddler gets enough sleep to support their brain’s growth and development as well as their physical development.

Looking to get your little one to sleep quickly and effortlessly? Check out my Bedtime and Nap Cheat Sheet and master the art of making daytime naps and bedtimes as seamless as possible.

17 Month Old Sleep Tips

Establishing and maintaining a 17 month old sleep schedule will make your day much easier to manage because after all… Everything starts and ends with sleep!

Here are some of my top sleep tips to make creating and maintaining a 17 month old sleep schedule as simple as possible.

TOP TIP: Time spent lying awake quietly in their crib is an ideal way to navigate nap transitions. They may sleep, they may not but having a quiet period without sleep is better than being busy.

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Common 17 Month Old Sleep Problems

The most common sleep problems that your baby may encounter when establishing and maintaining a 17 month old sleep schedule are:

Frequently Asked Questions About A 17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Looking for more help with creating your baby’s 17 month sleep schedule? Find answers to the most common questions here.

Is 9pm Too Late For Toddler Bedtime?

Yes, 9pm is too late for a toddler’s bedtime.

I would not recommend a bedtime of 9pm for a 17 month old.

Your toddler will not be able to have a healthy sleep schedule if they are going to bed at 9pm and you will not be able to have a child-free evening which helps you relax and reset for the next day. 

Is There A Sleep Regression Around 17 Months?

Yes and no…

Sleep regressions are possible at any age and can be triggered by all sorts of developmental and environmental occurrences. 

Sleep regressions are more common at 4 months, 6 months, between 8 and 10 months, 12 months old and around 18 months old.

But if your 17 month old sleep schedule is disrupted with them fighting sleep, increased nighttime wakings and restlessness then they are very likely experiencing a short-term sleep regression. 

Read these posts to help you navigate this situation:

Why Is My 17 Month Old Waking Up Screaming?

There are few reasons why your 17 month old is waking up screaming:

Sleep Schedules Further Reading

Here are some more sleep schedules to help you get the most out of helping your little one sleep as best they can.

After all…

Sleep breeds sleep!

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