4 Month Old Sleep Schedule: A Handbook For New Parents

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Healthy sleep patterns start with a schedule. Here’s how to get your baby onto a regular 4 month old sleep schedule with top tricks to make it as easy as possible.

How Much Should A 4 Month Old Sleep?

What Is The Wake Window For 4 Month Old?

The wake window for a 4 month old is around 1½-2 hours long.

The first awake time of the day is usually the shortest and may only last 45-60 minutes… but on average, your 4 month old’s wake window is usually around 90 minutes long.

Sample 4 Month Old Sleep Schedule

By 4 months old, your baby should be settling into a sleep routine fairly well. Of course, there will still be days when trying to get baby to sleep to a schedule simply doesn’t happen…

But for the most part, you should have a consistent sleep schedule fairly consistently. So here’s a sample schedule with 4 daytime naps to work from:

4 Month Old Sleep Schedule Sample

Nap Schedule For A 4 Month Old Baby

Most 4 month old babies will still be having 4 naps a day

However, some may begin to transition down from 4 naps to 3.

This would mean that your baby would take longer naps first thing in the morning and in the early afternoon (lasting 2 hours each) and they would drop the late morning nap.

The important thing to remember during a nap transition is to take note of the total number of hours slept in a 24-hour period and ensure your baby is getting enough sleep over the entire day.

Here’s a sample nap schedule for a 4 month old baby regardless of whether they are having 4 or 3 naps per day.

Nap Schedule With 3 Daytime Naps

3 nap schedule for 4 month old

Nap Schedule With 4 Daytime Naps

4 nap schedule for 4 month old

How Many Naps Should A 4 Month Old Take?

As a part of a 4 month old sleep schedule, your baby will have between 3 and 4 naps a day depending on their feeding schedule and how busy their day is.

How Long Should A 4 Month Old Baby Nap For?

A 4 month old baby will nap anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours at a time.

But ultimately, the length of time that your little one naps for will dictate how many daytime naps they will take and at this young age, you will still need to be following your baby’s lead for their sleep requirements.

Bedtime For A 4 Month Old

A regular and healthy bedtime routine is essential to your baby’s good night’s sleep as they are proven to improve sleep and reduce nighttime wakings.

A simple 4 month old bedtime routine will consist of:

The entire bedtime routine should start between 6pm and 6.30pm and take no longer than 30 minutes.

REMEMBER: The bedtime routine should be repeated at the same time every evening.

Looking to get your little one to sleep quickly and effortlessly? Check out my Bedtime and Nap Cheat Sheet and master the art of making daytime naps and bedtimes as seamless as possible.

What Time Should A 4 Month Old Go To Bed?

Your 4 month old baby should be asleep in their nighttime sleeping space by 7.30pm after their bedtime routine is complete.

If your baby is still waking for night feedings, I would definitely recommend having a dream feed before you go to bed to maximise the amount of overnight sleep you can have before having to feed them again.

But no matter what… your baby should not be in bed any later than 8.30pm to ensure they get enough sleep to support their brain’s growth and development as well as their physical development.

Can You Sleep Train A 4 Month Old Baby?

Yes, you can sleep train a 4 month old. In fact, the best time to sleep train your baby is between the ages of 4-6 months.

This is because it’s before any bad sleep habits become too heavily ingrained which can make sleep training very hard to do.

The success of sleep training a 4 month old will vary from baby to baby, but there is no reason why you cannot start sleep training with your preferred method.

Having a healthy and regular 4 month old sleep schedule will also set your baby on the right path to good sleep habits… As will putting your baby down to sleep while they’re drowsy rather than fast asleep.

4 Month Old Sleep Tips

Establishing and maintaining a 4 month old sleep schedule will make your day much easier to manage because after all… Everything starts and ends with sleep!

Here are some of my top sleep tips to make creating a 4 month old sleep schedule as simple as possible to maintain:

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Common 4 Month Old Baby Sleep Problems

The most common sleep problems that your 4 month old baby may encounter when establishing a baby sleep schedule are:

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4 Month Sleep Regression

4 month sleep regressions are difficult to handle because just when you think you’ve nailed your baby sleep routines and sleep cycles…

They hit a developmental milestone, get sick or something happens which upsets their schedule and you feel like you’re back to square one with a baby who won’t sleep when they’re supposed to.

Read my post on Sleep Regressions and the 4 Month Sleep Regression to learn how to spot and handle sleep regressions before they ruin your hard work of getting your baby into a 4 month old sleep schedule…

And how to handle them if you feel your baby is going through one now.

Frequently Asked Questions About A 4 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Looking for more help with creating your baby’s 4 month old sleep schedule? Find answers to the most common questions here.

Can A 4 Month Old Baby Sleep Through The Night?

Yes, some 4 month old babies can sleep through the night.

But I will clarify this… Sleeping through the night means that your baby can have 6-8 hours of sleep in one go.

Meaning your baby may still need one feed before YOU go to bed, but after that, they will sleep through the majority of the night into the early morning.

How Do I Teach My 4 Month Old To Self-Settle?

Follow these steps to teach your 4 month old to self-settle:

This may not work every time but be patient and eventually, your baby will learn to fall asleep without you having to rock or hold them.

At this age, swaddling can still help your little one feel safe and secure while sleeping. I love these swaddles from HALO. However, if baby has started to roll over and you’re still swaddling, you need to ensure their arms are free so these sleeping bags are a great next step:

Tommee Tippee GroBags

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How Much Nighttime Sleep Is Appropriate For A 4 Month Old?

Following a 4 month old sleep schedule, your baby should be sleeping between 10-12 hours in their nighttime sleep space.

If you are lucky, your 4 month old baby may be able to sleep for 6-8 hours without needing a feed.

How Long Can A 4 Month Old Stay Awake?

Your 4 month old will now be able to stay awake for 1-2 hours between naps on a regular basis.

Sleep Schedules Further Reading

Here are some more sleep schedules to help you get the most out of helping your little one sleep as best they can.

After all…

Sleep breeds sleep!

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