10 Month Old Sleep Schedule: The Secret To Peaceful Nights

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Healthy sleep patterns start with a schedule. Here’s how to get your baby onto a regular 10 month old sleep schedule with top tricks to make maintaining healthy sleep habits as easy as possible.

How Much Should A 10 Month Old Sleep

10 Month Old Wake Window

At 10 months, your baby will have around 3-4 hours of awake time between sleep periods.

This ensures that your baby has enough awake time during the day to meet their developmental milestones and to consume enough daytime calories to grow at a rapid rate.

Make the most of these awake times to offer your little one lots of stimulating play and opportunities to learn new skills.

Sample 10 Month Old Sleep Schedule

By 10 months old, your baby will be sleeping through the night and they will be having 2 roughly equal-length naps a day.

Here’s a sample 10 month old sleep schedule to give you a guideline for how your baby’s day might flow:

10 Month Old Sleep Schedule Sample

Nap Schedule For 10 Month Old Baby

Here’s a quick reference for a 10 month old nap schedule to help you visualise your baby’s daytime sleep habits:

Nap Schedule For A 10 Month Old Baby

How Many Naps Should A 10 Month Old Baby Take?

A 10 month old will now have 2 naps per day. However, you may find they need an extra cat nap if their day has been incredibly busy.

TOP TIP: Aim to put baby down for their morning nap around 3 hours after waking up and their second nap about 3 hours after the first has finished.

Bedtime For 10 Month Old

For a 10 month old sleep schedule, your baby’s bedtime routine should now be firmly in place and it will not change much from now on.

A simple bedtime routine will consist of:

The entire bedtime routine should start between 6pm and 6.30pm and take no longer than 30 minutes.

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Is There A Sleep Regression At 10 Months?

Sleep regressions can occur at any age but there are certain times when they are more likely to happen.

Mainly at 4 months, 6 months, between 8 and 10 months and around 12 months old.

If you suspect your 10 month old is going through a sleep regression, they may experience sleep issues such as:

Read these posts to help you navigate the situation:

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  3. Surviving The 12 Month Sleep Regression
  4. Sleep Regression: What, Why, Signs and Solutions

10 Month Old Sleep Tips

Establishing and maintaining a 10 month old sleep schedule will make your day much easier to manage because after all… Everything starts and ends with sleep!

Here are some of my top sleep tips to make creating and maintaining a 10 month old sleep schedule as simple as possible:

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Common 10 Month Old Sleep Problems

The most common sleep disturbances that your baby may encounter when establishing and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule are:

Frequently Asked Questions About A 10 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Looking for more help with creating your baby’s 10 month sleep schedule? Find answers to the most common questions here.

What Time Should A 10 Month Old Go To Bed?

For a 10 month old sleep schedule, your baby should be in bed with the lights out by 7pm.

If you want to adjust your schedule to have a later or earlier bedtime, you must change your daily nap times accordingly.

Is 10 Months Too Early For One Nap?

Yes. 10 months old is too early for one nap.

If you drop to one nap, your baby will become overtired and may be more prone to sleep issues.

Babies are usually 12 months old before they are ready for a 1 nap schedule.

How Much Nighttime Sleep Is Appropriate For A 10 Month Old?

As always timings will vary from baby to baby but most 10 month old babies will sleep between 10 and 12 hours at night.

Why Is My 10 Month Old Fighting Naps?

Your 10 month old may be fighting naps because they: 

Which Nap Do Babies Drop First?

When your little one is ready to drop a nap, it will be the morning nap that will be dropped first around baby’s 1st birthday.

However, this is a big transition and will vary from baby to baby and for quite some time you may find your baby needing 2 naps on some days and 1 nap on another.

Can You Sleep Train A 10 Month Baby?

Yes, you can sleep train a 10 month old baby. I prefer the “Gradual Retreat” and “I’ll Be Back” sleep training methods.

Having a healthy and regular sleep routine will set your baby on the right path to good sleep habits and a consistent sleep cycle for years to come.

When Do I Need To Talk To A Doctor About My 10 Month Old’s Sleep Patterns?

If your baby is experiencing a change in sleep patterns alongside the following, then you should seek out medical advice from a doctor, sleep expert or sleep consultant to rule out anything more sinister:

Sleep Schedules Further Reading

Here are some more sleep schedules to help you get the most out of helping your little one sleep as best they can.

After all…

Sleep breeds sleep!

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