6 Month Old Sleep Schedule: The Complete Guide

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Healthy sleep patterns start with a schedule. Here’s how and when to get your baby on a regular 6 month old sleep schedule with top tricks to make it as easy as possible.

How Much Should A 6 Month Old Sleep?

By 6 months old, most babies will also consolidate their sleep and go for longer stretches at night without waking and will take fewer (but longer) daytime naps.

Sample 6 Month Old Sleep Schedule 

By 6 months old, your baby should be sleeping through the night and napping several times a day.

REMEMBER: ‘Sleeping through the night’ means that your baby is sleeping for 6 or more hours at night without waking to be fed.

Many 6 month old babies will be sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches regularly, but it is important to remember that it is also perfectly normal for some babies to still wake during the night at this age too.

Here’s a sample 6 month old sleep schedule that contains 3 daytime naps:

Remember, this 6 month old sleep schedule is just a guide to show you how your day can be laid out. You and your baby are unique, so follow your baby’s sleep cues and adapt the schedule as you need.

Nap Schedule For A 6 Month Old Baby

At 6 months of age, there are no hard and fast rules about nap times and you should never force your baby to stay awake if they are tired.

Remember to keep an eye out for your baby’s sleep cues and follow their lead by taking naps at regular intervals.

Here is a sample nap schedule for a 6 month old baby:

Nap Schedule For A 6 Month Old Baby

How Many Naps Should A 6 Month Old Baby Take?

For a 6 month old sleep schedule, your baby will take between 2 and 3 naps a day.

When Should The Last Nap End For 6 Month Old?

Your baby should be waking from their last nap of the day at least 2 hours BEFORE their scheduled bedtime.

Any later and you will struggle to get them to sleep at bedtime.

Bedtime For A 6 Month Old

For a 6 month old sleep schedule, your baby’s bedtime routine should now be firmly in place and it will not change much in its structure for the foreseeable future. 

A simple bedtime routine will consist of:

The entire bedtime routine should start between 6pm and 6.30pm and take no longer than 30 minutes.

REMEMBER: The bedtime routine should follow the same steps and be repeated at the same time every evening to ensure your 6 month old can recognise the signs that bedtime is coming to help them settle and fall asleep more easily.

What Time Should A 6 Month Old Go To Bed

Your 6 month old baby should be asleep in their nighttime sleeping space between 7pm and 8pm after their bedtime routine is complete. 

Ideally, the closer to 7pm you get, the better.

6 Month Old Sleep Regression

The 6 month sleep regression is identified as a short period of time in which your baby’s established sleep pattern is suddenly disrupted between 5-7 months old.

This is a result of lots of things going on developmentally with your little one…

Such as learning to roll and sit up as well as developing a mental awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings and even cutting their first tooth!

So, if your baby starts to show signs of struggling to fall asleep or waking more than usual at night, then they are more than likely experiencing a sleep regression.

Click here to learn more about the 6 month sleep regression.

6 Month Old Sleep Regression Signs

The 4 signs to identify whether your baby is going through a 6 month sleep regression or not are:

If you answered yes to these questions, then most likely your baby is experiencing a 6 month sleep regression.

How To End 6 Month Old Sleep Regression

Here’s a quick list of tips to get through the 6 month sleep regression:

  1. Establish a healthy bedtime routine!
  2. Stick to your daily routines and schedules.
  3. Keep nighttime interactions low key.
  4. Try not to pick up your baby if they wake up.
  5. Encourage self-settling!
  6. Make a clear distinction between day and night activities.
  7. Minimise as many sleep distractions as possible.
  8. Talk to other parents and share your experiences!

REMEMBER: If you want more details about how to end the 6 month sleep regression, read my post 6 month sleep regression for all the tips and tricks.

6 Month Old Sleep Tips

Establishing and maintaining a 6 month old sleep schedule will make your day much easier to manage because after all… Everything starts and ends with sleep!

Here are some of my top sleep tips to make creating and maintaining a 6 month old sleep schedule as simple as possible:

Common 6 Month Old Baby Sleep Problems

The most common sleep problems that your 6 month old baby may encounter are:

Frequently Asked Questions About A 6 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Looking for more help with creating your baby’s 6 month sleep schedule? Find answers to the most common questions here.

Can You Sleep Train A 6 Month Old Baby?

Yes, you can sleep train a 6 month old baby.

After all, the best time to gently sleep train your baby is between the ages of 4-6 months!

This is because it’s before any bad sleep habits become too heavily ingrained which can make sleep training very hard to do.

The success of sleep training a 6 month old will vary from baby to baby, but there is no reason why you cannot start sleep training with your preferred method.

And by having a healthy and regular 6 month old sleep schedule you will have already set your baby on the right path to good sleep habits!

TOP TIP: Whatever sleep training technique you use, remember that a 6 month old baby should never be left to cry it out to the point where they’re very distressed.

How Much Nighttime Sleep Is Appropriate For A 6 Month Old?

A 6 month old should be sleeping between 10-12 hours in their nighttime sleep space.

Most 6 months old will still need to wake for 1 feed during the night (possibly a dream feed), but they should sleep for at least 6-8 hours through the night.

TOP TIP: When your baby wakes at night, wait a short while to see if they will re-settle themselves before going to them. They might go back to sleep without your having to feed them!

How Long Should A 6 Month Old Stay Awake For?

Your 6 month old should stay awake between 2 to 2 ½ half hours at a time during the day. 

As always, watch for your baby’s sleep cues to avoid them becoming overtired and struggling to fall asleep later.

Can A 6 Month Old Baby Sleep Through The Night?

Yes. 6 month old babies are physically able to sleep through the night and do not need to be fed every few hours. 

However, this does NOT mean that every baby WILL sleep through the night!

Each baby is different: some 6 month olds may sleep for 8 hours a night, some will sleep for 12 and some will still wake a couple of times for a feed.

Sleep Schedules Further Reading

Here are some more sleep schedules to help you get the most out of helping your little one sleep as best they can.

After all…

Sleep breeds sleep!

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