Why Do Babies Stare? 11 Cute Reasons Why & What They Mean

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So, why do babies stare?

Yes… babies stare a lot.

Sometimes at you, sometimes at others and sometimes at nothing at all!

But… why?! What does it mean for babies to stare?

What Does It Mean If A Baby Stares At You

As well as being fascinating, there are many reasons why your baby stares at you:

1. You Are Fascinating

Babies love to stare at their parents, especially their mom.

After all, they find faces fascinating and mesmerizing!

They are drawn to your eyes and are hard-wired to want to look longingly at their mother.

When your baby is staring at you and you are staring at them you are both bonding in a special and unique way.

2. Baby Likes The Sound Of Your Voice

Your baby will also be drawn to the sound of your voice before their vision develops.

They will therefore turn to the sound of your voice and stare at you!

3. They Are Drawn To Your Sparkly Earrings!

As your baby adapts to the new life around them and their vision improves, they will be drawn to contrasting colours and sparkly objects.

So, if you are wearing bright or sparkly jewellery, for example, they will be drawn to them and stare intently at the shiny sparkly jewels!

4. You Are Wearing Glasses

Newborn babies will also be drawn to people that wear glasses or have distinctive features.

It gives them a focal point and as they may not have seen people wearing them before… their brains are learning what they are!

5. Baby Thinks You Are Attractive!

A university study showed that babies often stare at people because they think they are attractive.

So if you attract a baby’s awareness it may be because they think you are good to look at!

Why Do Babies Stare Featured

Why Do Babies Stare At Ceiling Fans?

Put simply: babies are drawn to moving objects.

And a ceiling fan is a very obvious moving item when you spend most of your day on your back!

There is a fear that if your baby is staring at ceiling fans for extended periods of time it may be an indication of autism

However, the truth is…

If your baby is under 4 months of age, staring at a ceiling fan may just be visually stimulating for them and there’s nothing to worry about.

However, if your baby is older than that and staring for very long periods of time… or if you see signs that concern you… have a discussion with your paediatrician to put your mind at rest.

Why Do Babies Stare At Lights?

Babies love to look at contrasting colours and patterns!

Therefore, you might find your baby staring at lights, sparkly objects or newborn baby books

Also, they may have never seen a light like that before!

And when a baby sees something that they have never seen before they will naturally find it intriguing as they try to learn as much about it as they can.

Why Do Babies Stare At Corners And Open Space?

As newborns adjust to life around them outside the womb, what they are gradually able to see as their brain develops is wondrous and new. 

Mundane objects that we take for granted take on a whole new dimension for your little one.

And for some babies, a corner (or a change in angle) provides enough wonder to stare at for hours.

Some newborns also need a bit of time to chill out and staring at a corner gives them the space to relax and zone out whilst their brain processes everything they’ve learnt that day!

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And that’s all there is to it! Everything you need to know about why babies stare!

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Thank you for your continued support and until next time, Happy Parenting!

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