The Best Newborn Night Lights On The Market In 2024

A good newborn night light will soothe your baby to sleep, make nighttime feeds a breeze, help you keep an eye on your little one while they are sleeping, and give you peace of mind.

But with so many newborn night lights on the market, it’s almost impossible to find the right one.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done all the digging and research.

In today’s article, I will showcase the top options available for newborn night lights. I have evaluated all the lights for their safety, effectiveness, and design to ensure restful nights for both you and your newborn.

Ready to see the top picks?

The Best Newborn Night Light Featured

Best Newborn Night Lights

As a Norland Nanny of 40 years and a mother to a wonderful son, I understand only too well the importance of quality sleep for both babies and caregivers in the early days, months, and years.

After dealing with more nighttime wakings than I can count… I know that having the right tools in place can make all the difference. 

The night lights I have chosen have been selected for their gentle illumination and user-friendly features to make nighttime feedings, diaper changes, and nighttime wakings as easy as possible to manage.

1. Cozy Starry Night Light: My Favorite Newborn Night Light

Despite being advertised as a toddler night light, the Cozy Starry Night Light is one of my favorite newborn night lights.

My Top Pick
Toddler Night Light Lamp By LICKLIP

Finding the right night light for your child can be quite a task. You want something safe, comforting, and practical. The Cozy Starry Night Light ticks these boxes, with eye-friendly warm lighting and an easy-to-use dimmer.

Its gentle glow makes it the best night light for feeding baby, diaper changes, or comforting your little one back to sleep.

As your baby grows the Cozy Starry Night Light's starry sky projection can provide comfort and gentle quiet time stimulation. Its soft lighting ensures a dreamy, peaceful environment, supporting your baby’s natural sleep cycle.

It really is a fantastic nightlight (at a very reasonable price!)

  • Eye-friendly warm lighting with adjustable brightness.
  • Includes a timer function for convenience.
  • Projects a starry sky that is soothing for little ones.
  • Rechargeable battery, so it's very portable.
  • A USB adapter is not included for charging.
  • The star projector is static without motion (however, this is ideal for very young babies and toddlers).
  • Battery life varies based on the brightness settings.
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The one downside of this night light is the absence of a USB adapter which means you’ll need an existing one or purchase it separately. 

Additionally, though the starry projection is a charming feature, some might prefer a dynamic display instead of a static one. 

However, overall this is a lovely night light that has longevity and provides the perfect light for your little one’s sleep space.

2. JolyWell Nursery Night Light: A Good-All Rounder

The JolyWell Nursery Night Light is a great choice for those of you seeking a comforting glow for your nursery, a sleek design, all the features you need, and nothing you don’t.

JolyWell 7-Color Night Light for Kids and Babies

The JolyWell Nursery Night Light rotates through seven hues that enchant and calm an infant, and offer ambient lighting for midnight feeds and changes, making it more than just a practical item; it's a playful accessory for any nursery. 

The touch-sensitive controls simplify the adjustment of brightness or color, especially during those late-night, half-awake check-ins and the convenience of USB charging means no fumbling for disposable batteries either.

Finally, the 1-hour timer conserves energy, automatically dimming the light as your baby drifts back to sleep. Ideal for almost every baby's nursery.

  • Touch control for easy operation
  • Delightful 7-color light spectrum
  • Durable battery with a useful 1-hour timer feature
  • Sleek and modern child-friendly design
  • Limited brightness compared to larger lamps
  • If you want it on all night, you must keep it plugged into its charger
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3. G Keni Nursery Night Light: The Budget-Friendly Option

If you are on a budget but need a gentle and adaptable night light for your newborn’s nursery, the G Keni Nursery Night Light is a great choice.

G Keni's Nursery Night Light for Babies

G Keni's Night Light is designed for ease of use, offering touch control that lets you easily adjust the brightness. It's a fitting choice for newborns as it provides a soft light that can create a soothing glow, making it ideal for night feeds and changing while offering comfort to your baby.

I like the memory feature which ensures your preferred brightness level is ready each time you turn it on. Another great feature of this night light is its portability and the ability to hang it wherever it's needed most. 

In addition, its rechargeable nature means it's ready to go during power outages, offering peace of mind no matter when a diaper explosion happens!

  • Features touch control for simple adjustments
  • Remembers your preferred brightness setting
  • Designed with a portable and hangable form
  • The charging port may be delicate with extended use
  • Touch activation may confuse those used to physical buttons
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It should be noted, however, that you should handle the charging port with care to avoid potential damage over time. Also, the touch activation might be less intuitive for some, especially when reaching out in the dark.

4. AUVON Rechargeable Newborn Night Light: Motion Sensor Night Light

I think the AUVON rechargeable night light is a great pick if you’re looking for a gadget that allows for seamless nighttime navigation.

AUVON Rechargeable Battery Night Light with Motion Sensor (2 Pack)

Having a reliable source of light at night when caring for your newborn is essential. The AUVON Rechargeable Battery Night Light offers peace of mind with its smart motion sensors that react to movement and light the way only when necessary, which in turn helps conserve battery life.

This night light can last up to 180 days on Auto+Medium Mode, though usage habits will ultimately determine how often it needs recharging (it's only a 2-hour recharge time!)

I also really like this night light’s ease of installation and the magnetic strip along with double-sided adhesive pads which offer flexibility in placement around the nursery.

  • Motion sensor activates light as needed.
  • USB rechargeable, reducing battery waste.
  • Magnetic strip for versatile placement options.
  • Cheap and cheerful.
  • Small size may limit the light output.
  • May require frequent recharging depending on how often you walk past it!
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Please note, that the small size of these night lights means that they might not cast as much light as larger models, so placement should be strategic to ensure sufficient lighting (and to avoid unwanted illuminations when baby moves!)

5. Hatch Baby Rest Sound: For Tech-Savvy Families

If you’re tech-savvy, have a slightly larger budget, and are looking for a high-end newborn night light that has multiple uses… then the Hatch Rest is one of my top choices.

For The Tech-Savvy Family
Hatch Rest+

The Hatch Rest+ is a multifaceted technology-first solution designed to create an optimal sleeping environment for your little one by joining the functionalities of a sound machine and night light with an intuitive time-to-rise alert system. 

However, this convenience does come with a price tag that's steeper than your standard night light, sound machine, or sleep training clock! 

For tech-savvy parents, the two-way audio monitor and Wi-Fi connectivity are fantastic, but others may find the technology overwhelming or unnecessary. Plus, you might run into hiccups when navigating the companion app.

This gadget's greatest appeal is its versatility.

Although the price tag is larger... bear in mind you are not just a single-use item; you're investing in a comprehensive sleep system that grows with your child from infancy to their early school years. 

  • Combines a sound machine, night light, and time-to-rise feature.
  • Equipped with a two-way audio monitor for extra peace of mind.
  • Offers an updated Wi-Fi version at no additional cost.
  • Pricier compared to basic sound machines or night lights.
  • Limited utility if you prefer non-technology-based sleep training methods.
  • Requires smartphone or tablet with iOS 9 or higher or Android Lollipop or higher
  • Hatch customer support has been criticized for their slow responses.
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The Hatch Rest is a top-of-the-range gadget that is so much more than just a night light.

As well as a ​​sound machine and time-to-rise alarm, it has set night light programs that can turn on automatically as needed and you can choose from preset sound and color options that have been recommended by sleep experts.

The Hatch Rest night light grows with your child’s ever-changing sleep needs for years to come and with expert-curated content developed especially for newborns to big kids, you’ve got sleep magic right at your fingertips from day one.

Looking to get your little one to sleep quickly and effortlessly? Check out my Bedtime and Nap Cheat Sheet and master the art of making daytime naps and bedtimes as seamless as possible.

What To Look For When Buying A Newborn Night Light

When looking for the perfect newborn night light, consider several key features to ensure you make the best choice for your needs:

What To Look For When Buying A Newborn Night Light

Light Intensity

The brightness of a night light is essential. Aim for a light that’s soft enough to provide comfort without disrupting their sleep (a dimmer nightlight under 100 lumen should be ideal).

Color Options

Some night lights offer multiple colors and color can certainly impact your baby’s sleep quality. Blue lights are known to disrupt sleep while amber and reds are known to soothe and help with settling.

However, a range of colors can be great if you use the night light as a projector during the day as entertainment for your little one.

Timer Function

A timer can be a useful feature on newborn night lights that allows the light to turn off automatically to save battery.

However, it certainly isn’t a necessity as I found that I only turned on the nightlight when visiting a baby for a feed, an unexpected wake-up, or a nappy explosion and always remembered to turn it off when I left.


Safety is always non-negotiable. Look for night lights that use LED bulbs so they’re cool to the touch and are made with baby-safe materials.

Read reviews from other parents, or if possible, visit the product in a shop. This will help you determine whether the nightlight is right for you or not.

Power Source and Portability

Consider whether you need a plug-in or battery-powered light. Battery-powered night lights are great if you travel a lot or if you visit friends and family regularly, but the batteries need replacing, which can be an additional expense and inconvenience.

Plug-in night lights are usually more reliable, but obviously need a power source and won’t work during power outages!

Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Night Lights

In this section, we’ll address common queries regarding night lights for newborns. My focus is to provide concise, informed answers to assist caregivers.

Q: What are the benefits of using a night light for newborn feedings?

A: I have always found that having a night light during newborn feedings helps you to see what you are doing without fully waking yourself or your baby, promoting a calmer atmosphere. A dim light also makes it safer to navigate the room.

Q: Does using a nightlight in the early years lead to nearsightedness?

A: No. Using a nightlight in the early years does not lead to nearsightedness later in life. A study published in the May 13, 1999, issue of Nature, found babies younger than 2 years old who slept with a light on were at increased risk of developing myopia (nearsightedness) later in life… But this has since been disproven.

In the current study of 1,220 children, Ohio State University researchers found no association between nighttime lighting and the development of nearsightedness. The study concluded it didn’t matter if the child had slept in a dark room, with a night light on, or in a fully lit room, there was no correlation.

What the researchers did find, however, was a strong link between nearsighted parents and nearsighted children.

Q: How do LED night lights impact newborn sleep?

A: LED night lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them a practical choice for many of us. However, these lights tend to emit a blue-based spectrum, which can affect melatonin production and potentially disturb sleep. By selecting warmer, red-spectrum LED lights, we can minimize sleep disruption for newborns.

Q: What is the best color for night light bulbs?

A: For the best sleep in newborns, I recommend using light bulbs with red or orange hues. These colors are least likely to interfere with sleep because they have a minimal impact on melatonin levels. Conversely, blue and white lights are less ideal at night as they can inhibit the production of melatonin, making it harder for newborns to fall back to sleep.

Q: What are the considerations when choosing a night light for a nursery?

A: When selecting a night light for a nursery, you should consider brightness, color, and special features, like white noise. A light with adjustable brightness and a red or orange hue is the best choice, as it allows for customization based on need and minimizes sleep disruption. 

I also like to look for features like timers or white noise machines that might enhance sleep. Avoid very bright lights or complex, disruptive designs which can negatively affect your newborn’s sleep.

Q: How do baby night light projectors affect newborn sleep quality?

A: Baby night light projectors can provide a soft glow that can be soothing and help you see what you are doing during night feedings. However, while some babies may find the moving patterns comforting, others may find it distracting. Be aware that overly dynamic or bright projections can overstimulate your baby.

Q: Is it better for a newborn to sleep in complete darkness or with a night light?

A: Without a doubt, darkness is typically best for promoting deep sleep in newborns because it supports natural melatonin production. Yet, using a night light is beneficial if it’s dim and warm-colored to provide enough illumination for feedings without significantly disrupting sleep. 

Complete darkness may be ideal for sleep, but a night light ensures safety and convenience when tending to the baby’s needs during the night. Therefore, getting the balance right is key.

I would advise having the room in complete darkness and using the night light only when you need to feed or change your baby. 

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