Seriously, Why Do Babies Avoid Grass? The 1 TRUTH Revealed!

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We all know the feeling…

Kicking off your shoes and burying your feet into the luscious green grass…

Feeling the calm rising up through you.

It’s instant relaxation.

And there’s no better feeling on a bright summer’s day! Right?

So, why do babies avoid grass?!

Surely they would love that feeling as much as we do?!

Well, it’s a common question that a lot of parents ask after trying to take their baby out for a picnic and having them refuse to leave the mat!

So you’re not alone and it’s NOT a silly question. 

So, Why Do Babies Avoid Grass At All Costs?

The answer is simple: texture.

Some babies simply do not like the feeling of grass on their skin.

After all, learning to crawl on soft carpets, wooden floors or tiles is lovely…

And grass can feel very prickly, itchy and overstimulating in comparison!

Also, like many adults, some babies may be allergic to grass and can develop a rash when exposed to it, so they will naturally want to stay away.

Is It Ok For Babies To Crawl On Grass?


As long as you are keeping a close eye on them, it’s perfectly fine to let your baby crawl on grass!

Even if your baby currently hates being on grass, give them the time and space to get used to it and then allow them to crawl around on the grass when they’re ready!

What Are The Benefits Of Crawling On Grass For Babies?

There are so many benefits of babies crawling on grass!

Benefits Of Babies Crawling On Grass
  1. Being outside in the sunshine improves vitamin D production in your baby.
  2. Crawling on grass also promotes gross motor development as they learn to balance on a new surface.
  3. It helps establish day-night patterns to promote better sleep for your newborn.
  4. It also improves baby’s autoimmune health.
  5. Crawling on grass encourages your little one to feel comfortable being outside in nature.

Even with these amazing benefits, babies who avoid grass may need a little extra encouragement to help them learn to enjoy playing outside!

How To Play Outside With A Baby Who Avoids Grass

Even if your baby dislikes crawling on grass, it is still VERY important to let your baby spend time outside in the garden or park.

Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine will develop a love of nature which is vital to your little one’s healthy development.

You will, therefore, need to create a safe place for your baby to spend time outside and there are plenty of outdoor activities you can do with your baby even before they learn to walk!

Creating A Safe Space For Baby To Crawl Outside

When it comes to creating a safe place outside for your baby to crawl there are a couple of options: 

  1. Use a blanket. If your baby is reluctant to crawl on grass then you can just put down a blanket or a waterproof tarpaulin to allow your little one to crawl around and play on.
  2. Have a playpen. If you put an open-bottomed playpen out in the garden then your baby can play safely in the fresh air in the shade of a tree and crawl around in a space that you can ensure is free of anything you would not want your baby to touch or put in their mouth!
  3. Have dedicated outdoor toys. This will keep your baby entertained whilst crawling around outside and you may be able to entice them to touch the grass by placing the toys just off the mat too. This sorting cube from Melissa and Doug is always a great option as it will provide hours of fun for your baby under the dappled shade!
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Remember, never leave your baby to crawl about outside alone.

6 Creative Outdoor Activities For Crawling Babies Who Hate Grass

Free Crawling
How: If possible, put lightweight trousers on your baby and sit down on the grass with your baby and encourage them to feel it, crawl and roll around. Lie down with them and look up at the sky and the trees. Bring special toys out with you to help encourage your baby to crawl around.
Why It Is Important: Exposing your little one to nature is so beneficial to their health and wellbeing. From helping with the production of vitamin D to encouraging them to get in touch with nature, spending time crawling around outside is a fantastic activity for your little crawler!
Large Building Blocks
How: Playing outside gives you the opportunity to let your little one play with larger toys that they may not be able to play with inside. You can get mega building blocks that are perfect for outdoor play on a blanket or the grass. And as your baby plays, they may lose a block to the grass which will mean they may have to take a step onto the grass to retrieve it!
Why It Is Important: If your little one is reluctant to play on the grass then giving them some interesting toys to play with is a great way to encourage them to let loose outside.
Take Your Baby's Walker Outside
How: If your baby is able to push a baby walker then take it outside! Let your baby walk barefoot on the grass if the weather allows or with socks if they don’t like the feel of the grass. Encourage your little one to collect twigs, leaves or interesting stones in their walker to show you!
Why It Is Important: Taking the walker outside is a great way to encourage your baby to learn to walk independently whilst also helping to distract from the feeling of the grass under their feet. They will also practice crouching down, grasping and standing again which are all brilliant for their physical development!
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Take Mealtimes Outside
How: Deciding to take lunch to tea outside on a blanket is another great activity for crawling babies. Just decamp to the garden for a spontaneous picnic and enjoy the fresh air with your baby!
Why It Is Important: As with all these outdoor activities, eating outside is a great way to keep your baby entertained and close to grass!
Read Books Outside
How: This is a wonderful activity that you can enjoy with your baby for hours on end! You may find that as baby relaxes to a good book, they may drift off to sleep or want to crawl off the blanket and explore!
Why It Is Important: Take your baby’s favourite books outside and sit on a blanket together and read under the dappled shade of a tree.

Why Do Babies Avoid Grass Conclusion

Some babies will naturally avoid grass so you just need to be patient and help your baby get used to the feeling of grass.

Never force them to play on grass when they’re distressed or unhappy.

This will only make your baby hate grass for longer.

So let them go ahead and enjoy being outside on a blanket with you in close attendance.

And once they’re ready, they will venture out onto the grass!

But whatever they do, it is important that you take your baby outside as often as you can to encourage them to get in touch with nature!

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