20 Teething Foods To Instantly Soothe All Baby’s Pain Away!

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Anyone who’s ever experienced a wisdom tooth coming through will know exactly what teething foods are. You may not have called them ‘teething foods’ specifically but ice cream, chilled cucumber and soups are all foods that help to soothe discomfort and help with teething!

And this is EXACTLY the same for babies! All they want is for their pain to disappear for a short while and to get some quality nutrition at the same time…

So, whether your baby is breaking their first tooth or is having their 7th one coming through, this article will break down the Top 20 Teething Foods To Try with your little one and the 3 foods you must avoid too!

Teething: The Basics

Dealing with teething is a fact of life when you become a parent. Some children will take teething in their stride while others will struggle to sleep, eat and generally stay in good humour.

Your teething little one may become more clingy, suffer from sleep regression and go off their food, but whatever the symptoms of your little ones teething woes, have faith in the fact that there are things you can do to make teething more bearable for both parent and child.

What Does Teething Mean?

Teething is defined by the cutting and emerging of milk teeth in babies and young children.

When Do Babies Start Teething?

Your baby’s first tooth will usually appear in pairs at around 6 months old, starting with the bottom two incisors followed by the top two. 

This timing can vary with some babies getting their first tooth as early as 3 months and some as late as 14 months

By 3 years of age, all of the primary teeth should be present and correct.

Baby teeth usually emerge in the following sequence.

REMEMBER: Not all babies will stick to the above guideline, but most babies will get their first tooth during the first year of life. 

How Long Does Teething Last?

On average it will take about 7-8 days for a tooth to emerge, so be prepared for your baby to be experiencing some degree of discomfort during this time.

More Information About Teething

For a more in-depth look into teething, be sure to check out my post on Teething: The Ultimate Guide to learn everything there is to possibly know about this painful time for baby!

Can Teething Put Baby Off Food?

A teething baby can very easily be put off eating the normal foods that they have started to enjoy at the beginning of weaning or have been enjoying for some time.

As your little one’s gums become tender and sore a newly weaned baby will often revert to wanting more bottle feeds or breastfeeds. They will often reject foods that they are normally happy to eat as these might aggravate their tender gums.

TOP TIP: If your little one shows an inclination to want to suck more and does not want to eat solids for a while during teething, then I would suggest you just go with it. You can get weaning back on track once the offending tooth has emerged.

What Are Teething Foods?

Teething foods are simply foods that baby will enjoy eating whilst teething that may help to relieve pain in their tender gums.

One of the common side effects of teething is that your little one may go off the food they are normally happy to eat. Weaned babies may regress to wanting more bottles or breastfeeds and may want to eat more soft and soothing foods or harder foods that they find chewing on gives relief too.

Thankfully there are a huge variety of foods that can be classed as teething foods which you can offer your teething baby to encourage them to eat and to ease their discomfort and pain.

20 Best Foods For Teething Babies

So what foods are best for teething babies and what can you do as their parents to make eating more pleasurable during teething and also soothing at the same time.

Remember each baby is different so while some will enjoy soft teething foods whilst others will prefer hard teething foods.

Here is a list of some great ideas to offer your teething baby:

Soft Foods 

Your teething baby may prefer soft foods that don’t hurt their swollen gums.

And you may find that your baby reverts back to purees during periods of teething and dislikes hard food for a while.

  1. Mashed potato or sweet potato
  2. Minced meat (beef or chicken)
  3. Hummus
  4. Mashed banana
  5. Scrambled eggs
  6. Soft buttered toast without crusts
  7. Mashed avocado
  8. Rice cakes
  9. Veg and fruit purees

Hard Foods 

Some babies prefer hard food that they can chomp down on to relieve teething pain and discomfort.  

Try to avoid store-bought teething biscuits or rusks as they can be very high in sugar and have a go at making your own. 

There are plenty of really lovely, healthy homemade teething biscuits recipes to choose from that keep well in a tupperware for quick and convenient comfort. 

Here is one of my favourite rusk recipes from the lovely Stacey at… My Kids Lick The Bowl!

Chilled Foods

It is a great idea to offer your teething baby fruit and veg that has been chilled in the fridge or frozen. 

However, always wait a few minutes when you take it out of the freezer before offering it to your little one to avoid freezer burn. 

Using a mesh feeder is a great and safe way to offer chilled or frozen teething foods to a younger baby.


  1. Chilled watermelon
  2. Cold cucumber sticks
  3. Frozen banana
  4. Homemade organic fruit juice popsicles (simply freeze some organic fruit juice)
  5. Frozen fruit purees
  6. Breast milk popsicles

If your little one goes off drinking, then try some formula or breastmilk popsicles to ensure they are getting the milk they need while offering comfort at the same time.

Creamy Food

Soft creamy foods like yoghurt and fromage frais, especially if they are fresh out of the fridge, are also soothing for sore gums. Custards and cheese sauces will also go down well.

3 Foods To Avoid Whilst Teething

There are some foods that I would recommend you avoid when your baby is teething.

Salty And Spicy Foods

While baby’s should not be eating much salty food and most will not be eating spicy foods, but it is best to avoid such foods during teething as they can easily aggravate sensitive and sore gums.

Acidic Foods 

Acidic foods such as tomatoes and tomato sauce and lemon juice can aggravate sore gums and should be avoided during teething too.

Frozen Foods Straight From The Freezer.

As i mentioned before, chilled foods are a great soother for teething. However, they should always be taken out of the freezer for a while before giving them to your baby in order to avoid freezer burn.

Teething Foods Recap

When it comes to teething foods it really is trial and error. 

What works for one baby may not work for another!

It is more than likely that your baby’s feeding will be disrupted by teething and during this time you will need to let your baby take the lead. But with so many options on offer, I am sure you will find which teething foods suit your baby best.

For more information on how to manage teething read my Ultimate Guide To Teething to all things teething related and for some cool ideas to help your baby’s teething woes check out my list of Best Natural Teething Toys!

And until next time, Happy Parenting!

Paula McLaren

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