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Welcome to Teething to Tantrums!

If you are looking for some back to basics, intuitive parenting advice based on common sense and years of experience, then you have come to the right place. I want to help you through those all-important early years which will lay the foundation for your child’s future emotional, physical and intellectual development and wellbeing.

Sadly, I think that modern parenting has lost its way. 

We really need to take a close look at the values we are teaching our young children and the behaviours we are modelling as parents.

Children require boundaries, consistency & good behaviour modelling

They need to feel heard and valued and most of all to receive and learn how to give, love & respect.

This might all sound like a given. And surely, as a parent, that is what you would wish for your child... 

But actually putting these values into practice is not always as easy as they may appear, especially in our success driven, quick fix society.

There is a lot of advice out there as to how best raise your children and I am not going to offer you a new weird and wonderful approach that will make your parenting journey a breeze.

However, what I do have is a strong parenting ethos, built on respect, love & an understanding of what is going on with your baby or toddler as they grow.

I can offer you tips on how best to navigate the tough times and how to make the most of what is such an important and wonderful period on your parenting journey.

What you establish as a parent during these early years is vitally important and will reflect on how your parenting journey continues as your children move towards greater independence.

You will reap the benefits of all the effort you have put in at this vital stage in later years... I promise. 

Your job as a parent is to nurture your newborn baby to be the best they can possibly be.

To make your child feel loved and respected. 

To teach them how to be kind and compassionate to others. 

And how to be a responsible member of the human race.

Whether you are a brand new parent or already on your way, but need a little guidance, let me help you make good and wise parenting decisions.

From advice on sleep, feeding and play, from teething to tantrums and everything in the middle, I will help you fill your parenting toolbox with all the parental essentials.

I want to help YOU achieve a parenting approach that is consistent, positive, developmentally nourishing and most of all full of fun, love and laughter.

So, let's get started!

Below are my TOP 7 POSTS that I highly recommend reading. They are the core pillars of my parenting style and will provide you the appropriate tools and they'll guide you in the direction required to raise happy, healthy, kind & confident children. 

Understanding how your child will develop, what to look out for and specific tips and tricks to help your little one reach those milestones. Development in all areas of life from cognitive, language, social and physical are crucial to raise a healthy, happy, confident child. 

Click through to learn all about a topic I am very passionate about!

If there is ONLY ONE routine you implement into your parenting life, make sure it is a solid bedtime routine. Not only will you be so thankful for it down the line, but it allows you valuable 'me-time' in the evening to help you recharge and invest in yourself for the next day.

Trust me when I say that this is a topic not to be underestimated!

Whether you have a newborn on the breast or bottle, a 6 month old who's starting to wean or a picky 2 year old who's suddenly decided that they will eat nothing but pasta, learning how to cope with feeding a child is more complicated than you ever thought!

Not to worry, this post will break it all down for you into simple, easy to follow tips and tricks!

Establishing boundaries and  a healthy discipline process with your little one is crucial to raising a patient and understanding child. It is an area of parenting which is sometimes neglected until it's too late, but don't lose hope! It's never too late to introduce discipline principles into your everyday living and trust me, when I say, you will be grateful you did this when they're older!

Babies are funny little things. Unlike anything you've probably come across before! But you love them with all your heart and you don't want them to become sick or ill. This post will discuss everything from colic to cradle cap, nappy rash and everything in between. 

Please remember, that if you're concerned about your baby, please check with your GP as soon as possible.

Games, outside or inside, are invaluable for raising happy, healthy, confident kids. They are so important for your little one's development and help them navigate the world they are in through touch, sound, sight, smell and taste.

Check out this post to find a comprehensive list of fun games for kids!

PS: They're all Norland Nanny approved!

And now, YOU. You are going through massive changes in your life. Whether you're first time parents, going through the terrible two's or are a parent to 3 (or more!) little ones, every parent needs a little focus on them now and then. I want you to know that you're doing great and that, yes, it is difficult and you are tired, but your little one loves you so much and they couldn't be here without you!

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