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Well, here’s a great tool for you to try that I guarantee will completely transform your evenings!

My free printable Bedtime Routine Chart will establish a natural rhythm to your little one’s bedtimes and help your child engage in the routine to make your evenings smoother, less stressful and far more enjoyable!

So how can we create one of these magical bedtime routine charts and motivate our children to use it?

Well, read on to learn all you need to know and gain access to my free printable bedtime routine chart template!

What You Get In My Free Printable Bedtime Routine Chart

My bedtime routine chart is a printable template that is fully customisable to your family’s routine.

It comes in 2 colours and is made up of 2 main components…

How Does My Bedtime Routine Chart Work?

Well, firstly you need to download this free printable by clicking the button below.

There is no email sign-up required… Simply, click the button and you’ll have the PDF instantly.

You can save these bedtime routine charts wherever you like and print them off as many times as you would like.

Download My Bedtime Routine Chart

Once you have downloaded the bedtime routine chart, you will need to print it off (ideally on thicker stock paper as it’s a bit more robust!) and cut up the individual task cards using scissors or a paper cutter (like this one) which will make things much quicker!

You can then personalise the blank tasks with specific actions that your little one needs to do every night… (this is a wonderful craft activity to do with your little one!)

I then highly recommend that you seal every part of the bedtime routine chart using a laminator to ensure that they can withstand a lot of use!

For the next step, you will need to invest in some white Velcro stickers to attach to the back of the tasks and the front of the chart.

I suggest having the “hook” side of the velcro on the chart and the “furry side” on the tasks as this will make it easier for your child to move the cards around and give your chart a longer life!

If you haven’t already, here’s the button to download your bedtime routine chart PDF instantly.

Download My Bedtime Routine Chart

PS: Feel free to print off extra chart pages if you have more than 10 tasks to complete every evening!

Free Printable Bedtime Routine Chart For Kids Tasks

What Is A Bedtime Routine Chart?

A bedtime routine chart is a printable routine that will keep you and your children on track throughout the evening.

They are usually interactive and can be adapted to your family’s requirements.

A bedtime routine chart will help your child see what is coming up and encourage them to engage in the routine rather than fight with you about the process.

Why Do You Need A Bedtime Routine Chart?

Routines and charts have been proven time and time again to be highly effective tools to help children predict what’s coming up in their day.

This makes the transition from task to task much easier for their brains to handle and helps your child feel that they have some control over their lives!

And if children feel in control and listened to, it will make the bedtime routine much easier to complete!

How Can We Motivate Our Kids To Follow A Bedtime Routine Chart?

The best way to motivate your children to follow a bedtime routine chart is to get them involved in the process!

Let them help you choose a colourful chart or create one together. Find a chart that they can move the activities around on (like mine!) or encourage your child to add stickers and stars to it.

Place the chart in an obvious eye-height position so your child can see it and move the tasks from To-Do to Done as they go along.

Finally, let your child take control by asking them what comes next in the routine or by pretending to make a mistake about what comes next… ‘Pyjamas before bathtime?! Don’t be silly!’.

Free Printable Bedtime Routine Chart For Kids Blank

When Can You Start Using A Bedtime Routine Chart?

You can start using a bedtime routine chart when your child is at least 2 years old.

This is because a child under 2 years of age will not be able to follow the routine or understand the relevance of moving the tasks from To-Do over to Done.

However, THIS DOES NOT MEAN that a bedtime routine should not be established!

It just means that a bedtime routine chart will not be a useful tool at this point in your child’s development.

Creating a bedtime routine is still very important for children under 2 so check out these articles to learn more about that and other common young child sleep topics:

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