Baby Clothing

Buying baby clothes is a very personal experience, but if you’re stuck for ideas and have no idea where to begin… This page has 5 of my absolute favourite baby clothing brands to get you going with. I hope you love them as much as I do!

baby Mori

What is it? A UK brand producing stunning baby and early childhood clothing from cotton and bamboo for a super soft, delicate and breathable outfit.

Why do I recommend it? A highly conscious, open and honest brand, Mori produces amazing quality clothes without the ridiculous price tag.

little green radicals

What is it? A UK company specialising in 100% organic cotton baby and children’s clothing.

Why do I recommend it? A highly conscious brand, Little Green Radicals takes great pride in producing the most beautiful, soft and cosy baby and children’s clothing. They are a must if you’re looking for practical and stylish clothing.

burts bees baby

What is it? Burts Bees offer high-quality organic products for babies and kids, including clothing, bedding, and skincare. Their signature 100% organic cotton is known for being heavenly soft and gentle on delicate skin, yet super-durable through endless washes.

Why do I recommend it? All of Burts Bees products are GOTS certified to meet the highest global standard for organic textiles. Their products are also surprisingly affordable.

Posh peanut clothing

What is it? Posh Peanut is a US company committed to providing fashion forward, excellent quality and adorable children’s clothing & accessories.

Why do I recommend it? Posh Peanut is truly a ‘customer first’ brand and their designs are beautiful and make from the finest quality fabrics.

Note: Shipping to the UK takes 2-8 weeks.


Annaliv – Nordic Inspired Clothing

What is it? Inspired by a traditional Scandinavian heritage, Annaliv designs nostalgic baby and childrenswear which make the perfect gift for a new baby.

Why do I recommend it? As well as being absolutely stunning, Annaliv use natural fabrics and organic cotton, ensuring you are choosing the best fabric for your baby and for the environment.