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Are Jumperoos Safe? Do’s, Don’ts And 6 GENIUS Alternatives!

By Paula McLaren - Norland Nurse NNEB RSH | Updated: 27 October 2021

Are jumperoos safe? Well, it all depends on what you mean by safe...

Because, YES they are but also NO they're not...

Confusing, I know... But hear me out... 

What exactly do you mean by safe?

Are jumperoos safe
  • Safe for baby to be in temporarily?
  • Safe for baby's development?
  • Safe for a 4 month old?
  • Or safe for an 8 month old?
  • Here are the HONEST and TRUTHFUL answers to those questions along with 6 genius alternatives to jumperoos once you've made up your mind on whether or not 'are jumperoos safe' for your little one!

    What is a jumperoo?

    A jumperoo is a special seat designed to let babies jump and bounce on their own.

    The name is trademarked by Fisher-Price, however the word 'jumperoo' has become synonymous with baby bouncers in general. 

    Jumperoos have adjustable seats that can be positioned at the correct height for the baby's feet to touch the floor in order for them to move around.

    And they normally have lots of colourful items within an easy reach to entice a baby to play with and keep their attention. Many will also make fun sounds when baby grabs them.

    A lot of jumperoos have spinning seats too so baby can look at and interact with everything that is going on around them.

    How do jumperoos actually work?

    Jumperoos are designed to encourage your baby to entertain themselves while in a supported, suspended, sitting position to encourage them to bounce up and down.

    They may be additionally equipped with some toys, music, or other entertainment for the baby.

    Are jumperoos safe?

    The question "are jumperoos safe" is a bit of a mixed one...

    Jumperoos are not unsafe... in as much that your baby will not hurt themselves while using them....

    However, any product that puts your baby into a position that they are not developmentally ready for is one that I would avoid.

    In addition, jumperoos are an expensive item that have limited developmental advantages and can, in fact, have a negative impact on your baby's physical development if used for too long.

    So what do I mean by 'baby not being developmentally ready' and 'jumperoos being bad for development'?

    are jumperoos safe Featured Image

    Are jumperoos Really that bad for development?

    Well, in a word, I would say YES, jumperoos are bad for development.

    While you might think putting your baby into a highly stimulating jumperoo that allows them to bounce themselves up and down while playing with different attachments would help with their physical and fine motor development... BUT...

    There are far better ways to help your baby developmentally than putting them into a jumperoo!

    Firstly, babies learn more about how their body’s work by spending time on their tummies during tummy time, and being on their backs and sitting. Being in free space to explore what they are able to do will allow them to learn so much more both physically and mentally.

    Your baby’s physical development follows a natural progressive pattern which begins with them learning about their bodies and what they can do in a lying down position, then rolling, followed by sitting and lying down, crawling, pulling to stand, cruising and then walking. 

    This sequence of events happens for a reason and putting your baby in a product such as a jumperoo will put them in a physical position that they are not yet developmentally ready for. 

    Physical Developmental Issues Associated With Jumperoos

    While your baby may love jumping and bouncing up and down in their jumperoo, the position in which they hold their legs and feet can actually be detrimental to hip development.

    In jumperoos, babies are also inclined to lean forward and be on their toes, this results in added stress to their ankle joints and the muscles along the back of the leg while the use of glute muscles is decreased. 

    Research has shown that babies are better off spending time on the floor developing their motor skills naturally, building their core strength and gaining strong trunk control and alignment. All of which are vital to the development of sitting, crawling and walking.

    When is it ok for baby to use a jumperoo?

    If you do decide to use a jumperoo, bear in mind that babies are not developmentally ready for any product that holds them upright or in a sitting position before they can strongly hold their heads up independently - not much before 6 months old.

    After 6 months, the use of a jumperoo should be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per day to reduce any potential negative side effects.

    6 Genius Alternatives to jumperoos

    Thankfully there are lots of alternatives to jumperoos that will enable your baby to develop healthily.

    Whilst you should never leave your baby unattended for long periods of time, putting them in a safe place to play independently for short periods of time is fine and encouraged. 

    This independent play also teaches them how to amuse themselves which is crucial to their development

    Depending on the age of your baby, I would recommend the following activities and products, that will stimulate your baby, help them to develop strong core and upper body muscles while rolling, crawling, sitting and pulling to stand!

    Learning through play is the best form of development after all!

    Tiny Love Black & White Gymini Activity Play  Mat

    What is it? A two-in-one play mat and activity gym with adjustable arches.

    Why do I recommend it? With contrasting colours and textures it is great for tummy time, and helping your baby strengthen their core and upper body muscles naturally. It has a range of items to stimulate baby’s senses and with the versatility of being able to remove the arches this is a wonderfully age appropriate activity playmat.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    VTech Baby Turn & Learn Baby Activity Cube 

    What is it? A simple fun activity cube for young babies.

    Why do I recommend it? There are lots of activity cubes out there but I like this one as it is ideal for the younger baby who is learning to sit. I am not always a fan of plastic battery operated toys but this one is an exception as it is a good stimulating alternative to a jumperoo.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    Manhattan Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre Table

    What is it? A versatile and stimulating wooden activity table.

    Why do I recommend it? This table will provide your little one with hours of stimulating fun. It is stable and does not stand too tall so it is ideal for young babies who are learning to pull to stand.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    Portable Indoor Outdoor Playpen

    What is it? A portable, pop-up and easy to use baby playpen.

    Why do I recommend it? I am a great fan of playpens! And this one is easy to put up, super portable and can be used indoors and out. An ideal safe space for your little one when you need some safe hands free time from the moment they start to roll around.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    Wooden Toys Activity Baby Walker

    What is it? A lovely push along wooden activity walker.

    Why do I recommend it? Baby walkers are the best way for your baby to practice walking and strengthen their leg muscles. This one comes with the added bonus of activities that can be enjoyed whilst sitting or standing.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

    VTech Crawl and Learn Ball

    What is it? A great activity ball to encourage crawling.

    Why do I recommend it? I like the idea that this toy encourages babies to crawl. As it rolls away babies will love to reach out and make it play tunes. All in all a great little toy that will develop gross and fine motor skills.

    If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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    Teething to Tantrums Author

    Paula McLaren is the founder of Teething to Tantrums and has been in the childcare industry as a Norland Nanny since 1982. Since then, her mission has been to help parents become the best they can possibly be. And each year, she continues to help more families understand their child's development, the trials and joys of parenting and of course, how to care for their little ones.

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