13 Month Old – Your Ultimate Guide To Your Little Cruiser

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Having a 13 month old comes with lots of new learning curves for both you and baby!

From adjusting sleep routines, teaching your little one to feed themselves, cruising, talking and becoming VERY CURIOUS about the world around them!

This month is FULL of new wonders, exciting days and loads of loving memories! 

So, let’s get on into what to expect this month from your 13 month old baby!

13 month old baby at a glance

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from your 13 month old (don’t worry… I will explain it all in more detail later in the article!!)

13 Month Old At A Glance

Food For 13 Month Old

Your 13 month will be having 3 main meals a day with two healthy snacks and will need around 450ml of milk per day which can now be taken as whole cows milk. They will consume approx 1000 calories per day and should be transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup.

13 Month Old Sleep

Most 13 month olds require approximately 12-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period and will be having 2 naps per day. 

13 Month Old Physical Development 

Physically your little one will be well on the way to walking, cruising, standing alone and maybe even taking their first tentative steps. They will be refining their fine motor skills by learning to feed themselves and picking up smaller objects more easily and holding onto them.

13 Month Old Mental Development

Your 13 month old understands much more than they can say but will start to say one or two words like bye bye, mamma and dadda. They are extremely curious and will want to explore everything. They will love to copy and will start to exhibit first signs of independence and communicate more clearly what they want to do.

13 month old development milestones

Physical Development

Physically your little one is now well on the way to walking but may still crawl a lot. They will 

Social Development

Emotional Development


How to support your 13 month old’s development

Having a toddler proof home at this stage is vital. Once you have that place, you can concentrate on boosting and supporting your little ones development as they explore the world around them using their new found abilities. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

TIP: Being one step ahead and toddler proofing your home will be your greatest asset.

13 month old weight

According to the World Health Organization, the average weight of a 13 month old is 20.2 pounds for girls and 21.8 pounds for boys. 

13 month old sleep schedules

Your 13 month old should be having between 12-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period including 2 day time naps. 

13 Month Old Sleep

Most 13 month olds will still be taking 2 naps a day with the afternoon nap being longer than the morning nap. Some will drop the morning nap anytime between 13-15 months and you may have days when they have one nap and some days when they have two depending on how well they have slept at night and what they have been doing during the day.

The afternoon nap should not last longer than 2 hours and I would aim to have your little on up and about by 2.30pm at the latest.

13 month old bedtime routine

As always, a regular and healthy bedtime routine is essential to your baby’s good night’s sleep. 

Having a consistent and regular bedtime where they are well prepared for sleep will make it easier for them to settle.

The best way to get a 13 month old ready for bed is to lower the energy at the end of the day by:

With all the new skills your baby is learning and the fact that your little one may develop some separation anxiety they may experience a sleep regression at this age which is quite common. 

TIP: Having a healthy bedtime routine can help when dealing with sleep regression

How much should you be feeding a 13 month old baby?

Your 13 month old will need about 1000 calories a day of which around 370 should be taken in whole milk or breast milk. This converts into around 500ml of milk per day or 16 oz. 

TIP: Remember that your toddler can take milk in other forms such as in cereal or other dairy products.

Although they no longer need formula, full fat milk is important for this age to ensure they have enough vitamin D and calcium. If your child is lactose intolerant or you are raising your child as a vegan, ensure you are choosing a suitable alternative that contains enough vitamin D and calcium for their needs.

Your 13 month old will not be eating huge meals at this stage and will more than likely love a food one day and turn their nose up at it the next. It’s annoying, I know… But just go with the flow for now.

It is important that you offer them a wide variety of foods, to prevent your little one from becoming bored with the same old foods, This includes proteins, complex carbs, a variety of fruit and veg and some dairy (if appropriate) avoiding sweet foods and keeping everything as fresh as possible.

TIP: A toddlers portion is about ¼ of an adults 

Breakfast Options:

Lunch Options:

Tea Options:

Snack Options:

TIP: By now your toddler should be transitioning from a bottle to a cup (even for milky drinks)

You will see me recommend the following two websites over and over… So, If you are looking for great recipes for your toddler, visit Annabel Karmel’s website for an endless supply of wonderfully healthy ideas for feeding your little one. Her recipes are super easy, healthy and fun!

And for more excellent information on childhood nutrition visit Sarah Bushell’s website. Sarah is very knowledgeable about child nutrition and is keen to share her knowledge with parents. She also has loads of wonderful age appropriate recipes too!

13 month old baby feeding schedule 

13 Month Old Feeding

13 Best Foods For A 13 month old baby

Here’s a quick easy-to-follow list of food ideas for your 13 month old baby!

13 month old activities

As your toddler grows, the variety of activities you can play with them will become more and more interesting! At 13 months, you can definitely play the following games together!

13 month old day in the life schedule

As always, these schedules are just a guide and can be adjusted according to your child’s individual needs. Some children of this age will be ready to start dropping their morning nap on some days while others will not do so until they are a couple of months older. Keep an eye on your child’s sleep cues and try to not let them get over tired.

13 Month Old Day in the Life

TIP: Keep energy levels down before bedtime to avoid overstimulation.

best toys for 13 month old

Now onto one of my favourite parts… Toys! Contrary to popular belief… 13 month old toddler’s do NOT need loads of toys. BUT… a few well designed, evergreen and stimulating toys will certainly help your little one develop and grow. Here are 5 of my favourites!

Hape Block and Roll Cart 

What is it?  Wooden walker with blocks 

Why do I like it?  This is a great wooden toy staple for your toddler to help them become proficient walkers.Along with the wooden blocks this toy will improve motor skills and balance. 


Green Sprouts Stacking Cups

What is it? Great set of eco-friendly stacking cups

Why do I like it? I always go for eco-friendly toys wherever possible and these stacking cups fit the bill perfectly. Ideal for this age group these lovely cups can be used for stacking, helping with colour recognition and can be used in the bath or water play too. A truly great toy staple.


Hape pound and tap bench

What is it? Wooden multifunctional musical instrument

Why do I like it? Another great toy from Hape finished in water based non toxic paint and ideal for developing your toddlers fine motor skills and encouraging musicality. Toddlers love to bash things and this awarding winning cause and effect toy is perfect for your 13 month old.


Sensory fidget toy

What is it? Unique sensory toy

Why do I like it? I like the concept of this unique toy with it’s soft silicone bubbles that your toddler will love to explore. This well made toy will exercise finger flexibility, and strengthen your toddlers perception of color. It is easy to clean and can also be used as a teether.


13 month old baby FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about 13 month old toddlers that I feel every mom and dad should know!

Most 13 month olds will be saying two to four recognisable words but they will not be constructing sentences. They will rely a lot on pointing and gesticulation to tell you what they want. You will probably be waiting until they’re 17 months old before they start to string words together.

There is a wide marker for when babies walk from as early as 9 months old to as late as 18 months old. The truth is that babies will walk when they are ready and as long as they are mobile and pulling themselves to stand and cruising there is nothing to be concerned about.

It is common at this age for your little one to become more wary of strangers and be more clingy. Just be patient. This is just a passing phase and don’t force them on others if they do not want to engage with them. Allow them to observe for a while and usually curiosity will get the better of them.

Checklist For this month:

Every month is full of surprises and 13 months is no different! Be sure to complete the following checklist this month as time will fly by before you know it!

13 Month Old Checklist

Game of the month:

Busy Basket

A busy basket is a great go to for entertaining your 13 month old and helping their development.

Keep a basket filled with odds and ends, such as blocks, baby-safe kitchen utensils, sensory bottles, music shakers, different textured balls and a variety of fabrics.

Bring the basket out on occasions so that the experience of exploring it is fresh.

Children of this age love to take things out of containers and they love to touch and explore new items. This is a perfect sensory basket that will help develop hand eye coordination and keep your toddler engaged either independently or with you offering information and new language as you explore the basket together.

Book of the month:

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book

What is it? A colourful, interactive lift-the-flap board book.

Why do I recommend it? This beautiful book is great at teaching children about body parts and the sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to read together.


I also have a huge range of baby and toddler books in my parenting toolbox – so be sure to head over there and browse around!

Top Parenting Tips For The Month

Parenting a 13 month old toddler is without doubt exhausting. As they move from babyhood to  full on toddlerdom this is a busy month!

Here are some tips to help keep you on track as you embark upon the world or parenting a toddler.

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